Industrial Experience

Uri Weiser - Emeritus Professor

2018 – Present: Halio (startup – Architecture for Machine Learning)

  • Scientist: Architecture – Management

2016 – Present: DatArchs – Contertio (startup – Dynamic OS Optimization)

  • Part of the leading team

2012 – Present: 0eC SA The Green Interconnect (Startup – Communication)

  • Consultant: On-die-Communication

2012 – Present: TeraCom (startup – Terahertz Communication)

  • Consultant: On-die-Comm

2009 – Present: ADSHIR (Graphics Startup)

  • Co-Founder: Ray Tracing

2007 – Present: NovaTrans (Basic Component Startup)

  • Senior Scientific and Technological Advisor, and future research

2009 – 2011: We-Fi (Startup WiFi Data Base)

  • Senior Advisor: Strategy and solutions

2008 – 2011: Lucid (Graphics Startup)

  • Board of Advisors: Power analysis and solutions, Leverage company’s IP for future products

2007 – 2009: Commex-Technologies (Chip-Set Startup)

  • CTO- Chief Technology Officer (part time) (2007-2009);
    An innovative Platform Efficient Solution (IP protected). “Data Dependent Platform’s Traffic Controller”

1988 – 2006: Intel Corporation

  • Intel, Israel (2002 – 2006), Petach-Tikva & Haifa, Israel
    Position: Director, Corporate Technology Group, Israel

    • Activities 2005-2006:
      – Accelerator Architecture research: based on application analysis. Define Streaming Media accelerator architecture to achieve high performance and performance/power figures
      – Member of Intel’s Fellow nomination committee
    • Activities 2002-2004:
      – Initiated Streaming Media Architecture advanced development activity. Outcome was the Asymmetric Cluster (cores) Chip MultiProcessors (ACCMP) and Accelerators concepts: e.g. Streaming/Media Co-processors cores adjacent (on the same die) to the main host cores. This includes the application analysis, usage model, cores architecture, Microarchitecture, Interconnect scheme, and SW model
  • Intel, Israel (2001), Haifa & Petach-Tikva, Israel
    Position: Director, Strategic Investments, Intel Capital

    • Activities:
      – Heavy lifting deals: creating a spin-off in a new technological and business domain
      – Streaming Processing Initiative
  • Intel, Texas Development Center (1999 – 2000), Austin, TX, USA
    Position: Co-Director of Intel’s Development Center (X86 high end MicroProcessor design) (200 engineers)

    • Activities:
      – Established a new design center from grounds up
      – Co-lead the establishment of the Development center’s Infrastructure (building, computing and communication), products (strategic planning), products Architecture and marketing, design methodologies, management structure, HR, Finance
      – Definition of the next X86 lead processor
      – Initiated and defined a new Streaming Co-Processor Architecture
      – Intel’s Fellow Nomination Committee
  • Intel Israel, VLSI Design Center (1993 – 1998), Haifa, Israel
    Position: Director of Architecture and Planning Department (20 engineers)

    • Activities:
      – Architecture Definition of Pentium Extensions Products (Pentium with MMXTM Technology)
      – Driving X86 Processor’s Future Products Definition, Solutions, Analysis and Strategy
      Definition of Intel’s Multimedia Architecture (MMXTM Technology)
      – Research Intel’s X86 new Processor’s Microarchitecture
      – Led a research and definition of a new MicroArchitecture concepts
      – Intel’s 1977 Innovation Day – member of the nominations committee
  • Intel Santa Clara, MicroProcessor Group (1991 – 1992), Santa Clara,CA, USA
    Position: Manager, Platform Architecture Center, MicroProcessor Group (50 engineers)

    • Activities:
      Leading Intel’s X86 future strategy, directions and analysis
      – Intel’s CPU and Cache strategies and future product roadmap
      The group performed the initial definition of PCITM (Peripheral Components Interface)
      – Performance analysis of MicroProcessors
      – High Level Definition of Intel’s Chipsets
      – Intel’s X86 Processor research
  • Intel Israel, VLSI Design Center (1988 – 1990), Haifa, Israel
    Position: MicroProcessor Architecture Group Manager (8 engineers)

    • Activities:
      Initiation, concept definition and feasibility studies of Intel’s PentiumTM MicroProcessor
      – Defined X86 superscalar, branch predication and split Instruction and Data cache concepts
      – Analysis of Performance limitation of CISC MicroProcessor
      – Architecture definition of Cache Controller (C5/C8)
      – Architecture definition of new i860 family MicroProcessor

1984 – 1988: National Semiconductor VLSI Center (Israel), Herzelia, Israel

  • Position: Chief Scientist (1988)
    • Activities:
      – Definition of on Die (Chip) protocols, Definition of VLSI Design Methodology
      – Conduct NS32532 MicroProcessor session in International Conference on Computer Design (ICCD)
  • Position: NS32532 CPU Design Manager (1985 – 1987)
    • Activities:
      Manage NS32532 CPU design (Architecture, design, circuit, layout)
      – NS 32532 Project management
      – NS32532 Architecture definition including Multiprocessing support
      – VLSI Circuit support (Standard & special cells, clock generators, sense amplifiers), layout integration
  • Position: Computer Architecture Group Manager (1984)
    • Activities:
      – Performance evaluation
      – Multiplication, division algorithms for floating point arithmetic
      – Multicomputer research (in conjunction with the Technion)

1983 (Summer): Laboratory for Artificial Intelligence, Fairchild, Palo Alto, CA, USA

  • Working with Professor Alan Davis on AI Architecture

1970 – 1984: Israel Armament Development Authority (RAFAEL), Israel Ministry of Defense, Haifa, Israel

1978 – 1981 Sabbatical for Ph.D studies and completion

  • Position: System Engineer (1981 – 1984)
    • Activities:
      – Supervisor and advisor for the development of computer system for Command and Control
      – Design for System reliability, and security (encryption)
      – Project management, long-term planning
  • Position: Group Manager (1975 – 1977)
    • Activities:
      – Research in the area of Fast Signal Measurement, Sampling, Fast A/D, transient Digitizer
      – Development and integration of high-resolution measurement and data recording system combining Analog and Digital equipment
  • Position: Research Engineer (1972 – 1975)
    • Activities:
      – Very fast linear feedback Amplifier Analysis and development
      – Research: speed limitation of feedback amplifiers due to loop delay
      – Research: fast logarithmic amplifiers
  • Position: Group Leader (Project Manager) (1970 – 1972)
    • Activities:
      – Design/Implementation of an Automatic Radio Frequency Interference (RFI) Test System (Digital and Analog)