Graduated Students

Uri Weiser - Emeritus Professor

Graduated Students – Master/Ph.D thesis advisor:


Graduated Students:

  • “Efficient Systolic Array for Matrix Multiplication”, M.Sc thesis by Fabian Klass, 1986
  • “End to End Communication Protocol in a MIMD Computer – Definition and Implementation as part of Independent Communication Element”, M.Sc thesis by Ilan Zisman, 1987
  • “Point to Point Communication and Routing Protocol for a MIMD Computer – Definition and Implementation as Part of Independent Communication Element”, M.Sc thesis by Yoram Rimoni, 1987
  • “Performance Limitation of CISC Processor”, M.Sc thesis by Alex Peleg, 1991
  • “Power issues of on Chip Interconnect”, M.Sc thesis, by Nir Magen, 2003
  • “Data Trace Cache” M.Sc thesis, by Tomer Morad, 2005
  • “Streaming cache structure” M.Sc thesis by Dror Barash, 2007
  • “Dynamic Voltage Scaling technique in ACCMP systems” M.Sc thesis by Avshalom Elyada, 2007
  • “Nahalal; new-cache Organization for Chip Multiprocessors”, M.Sc thesis by Zvika Guz, 2008
  • “Thermal based Task Scheduling Optimization in CMP”, Tomer London, Undergraduate-Excellent-Students Project, June 2010.
  • “Cache Organization and Control for Chip Multiprocessors”, (Ph.D thesis) by Zvika Guz, October 2010.
  • “Multiple Clock and Voltage Domains for Chip Multi Processors”, (M.Sc thesis) by Efi Rotem, October 2011.
  • “The Interaction Between Workloads and Micro-Architecture Elements in Highly Parallel Chip MultiProcessors”, (M.Sc thesis) by Oved Itzhak (IBM), 2013
  • “NUMA Memory transaction offloading” (M.Sc thesis), by Leonid Azriel, 2013
  • “Asymmetric HW solutions – the optimal solution” (M.Sc thesis), by Alon Naveh (Intel), 2013
  • “Memristor-based Circuits and Architecture” (Ph.D thesis), by Shahar Kvatinsky (Technion), June 2014
  • “Scheduling based on program’s characteristics” (M.Sc thesis), by Adi Fuchs (Princeton), May 2014
  • “Heterogeneous Power management” (Ph.D thesis), by Efi Rotem, October 2014
  • “Performance and Power Evaluation of Continuous Flow MultiThreading Processors” (M.Sc thesis), by Yuval Nacson (Intel), March 2015
  • “SW CMP scheduling based on resource overuse” (Ph.D thesis), by Tomer Morad (DatArchs), December 2015
  • “FleX: Optimal Energy Efficiency in Asymmetric Computer Architecture” (M.Sc thesis), by Yinnon Meshi February 2016
  • “Analyzing the Interaction of I/O and Performance in Multi-Processors” (M.Sc thesis), by Loren Jammal, June 2018
  • “Semantic locality in memory access patterns and machine learning approaches for hardware prefetching” (Ph.D thesis), by Leeor Peled, 2019
  • “Embracing Sparsity and Resiliency for Deep Learning Acceleration” (Ph.D thesis), by Gil Shomron, 2021
  • “Robust Quantization and Semi-Uniform Quantization: Hardware-Aware Methods for Deep Neural Network Acceleration” (Ph.D thesis), by Moran Shkolnik, 2021


Currents Students:

  • “Leveraging resilience of DNN Training to improve Compute efficiency” (M.Sc thesis), by Samer Kuzum, expected 2022
  • “DNN approximate computing impact on area and energy” (M.Sc thesis), by Alon Levi, expected 2023
  • “Efficient Accelerator Architecture for Deep Neural Network” (M.Sc thesis), by Nimrod Admoni, expected 2024